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We’ve been busy at Truffler making it easier than ever to compare your physical and electronic backlogs and to keep your physical board and JIRA, Trello etc. in sync. There really is now no need to choose between a physical wall or an electronic tool like JIRA or Trello as you can have your cake and eat it!

As well as fine-tuning the underlying engine to make the image recognition better, we have also added some neat new features:

Assign a JIRA ticket using Avatars

Truffler now allows you to syncchronise avatars on your physical wall with JIRA.

Simply add a list of users to your configuration (Edit > Users). You can add a user manually or use JIRA to look it up (recommended). You can change the Avatar picture by clicking on the existing avatar picture which by default is a silhouette.

Once you have saved the configuration with the users you can print the avatars using the “Print Labels” button in the menu bar. The avatars fit best on labels that are 21 to a sheet of A4 (3 across and 7 down) - such as Avery L7160 or Rymans P21.

Now you have your Avatars, stick them on your cards just below the Truffler ID - be careful not to stick them on top of the ID otherwise Truffler won't recognise the covered up ID!

If you’re not using magnets, then at Truffler we find that little post it notes with the sticker on top work well (you may need to trim of fold over the excess label)

Note: currently you can only map 128 users (if you require more then please get in contact at alfie_thomas@hotmail.com)

Assign a JIRA ticket using a sticker with a handwritten number

The preferred way to map users is to use Avatars as above, however, you can also map users using a sticker and writing the user id on that sticker and placing it just below the Truffler ID.

You can set this up in the Stickers panel (Edit > Stickers). Simply select the colour sticker you want to use (you can select more than one) and then select “Assignee” in the drop down.

Find a matching coloured sticker, write the user id displayed in the “Users” panel on it and prefix it with a + sign (this helps Truffler identifier it is a number) and stick it just below or just to the right of the Truffler ID.

Note: When using handwriting to for an ID, it is best to write like a digital clock

Use “Corner Markers” to automatically crop and fix perspective

Sometimes taking a photo of your physical KanBan or Scrum board that is nice and square and that fills the frame can be tricky. To make it easier to get the perfect photo to work with, we have introduced corner markers.

Simply click on the "Print Labels" button and then select "Corners". Print out as many as you need and then stick them on the corners of your physical board.

Truffler will recognise the corner markers and allow you to crop and warp the photo. If Truffler hasn't recognised some or all of the markers, or you haven't put any on the physical board, then you can add new ones with a double click, and click existing ones to drag them around.

Corner markers can also be used to break up larger walls that are too big for one photo in to multiple photos and allow Truffler to combine them. When you give Truffler 2 or 3 photos it combines them from left to right as a panorama. When you give it 4 photos it combines them as a grid - 1 & 2 as top row and 3 & as the bottom row.

Hand-written ID's so no need for a printer (Experimental feature)

Truffler works best when you print out the IDs that it generates and stick them on your cards. However, it is allows you to write IDs by hand on a yellow background meaning that you can either add a couple of hand-written IDs when you don't have time to print them out or just use hand-written IDs for everything. Truffler then uses an internal OCR algorithm to extract numbers for the IDs.

IMPORTANT: this is an experimental feature at the moment and to use it, you need to set an option in your config. "Edit > General > Type of ID Labels" - needs to be set to "Both" or "OCR" depending on whether you want to mix OCR and printed IDs or just use OCR. By default it is set to Binary as this is the most efficient way to use Truffler at the moment.

To use hand-written IDs, grab yourslef an appropriate yellow sticker and simply write the ID on it with and prefix it with a + sign (this helps Truffler identifier it is a number). The brighter and bigger the yellow sticker the better!

Hint 1: make sure you have sufficient space around the number and before the + sign.

Hint 2: If you will be using just OCR, then set the option "Edit > General > Type of ID Labels" to "OCR"

Hint 3: You can also use OCR for columns. To find the column id, "Edit > Columns" and you'll be able to see the ID for the column.

Improved Custom Field Handling

Support for Multiple JIRA projects

Support for debugging